Within you lies the Divine Infinite. This is the time to see that there is no separation between you and the universe. Live a life within One presence.

I know that deep within you there is a growing desire to share your big dream. You have a vision within your heart that your soul speaks to you about living and honouring, to bring about change and assist you to live your divine purpose. 

The biggest fear I hear from people just like you, is that they don’t know how to awaken that part of themselves, to tune into their deeper knowing and inner guidance from the divine spark within them. They don’t know how to learn to trust, listen and then action these big powerful dreams into their lives.

GOvc9Ch9xSvDtLl5-EAyEza0NHLwrQpHyOpSwiF44BVVxvBUogy7oIpQ6ljcTmjlmA=s2000NEW Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success 30 Day Program
You may have practiced manifesting, using the the Law of Attraction or The Secret, and you may have studied many resources and teachings on manifesting, yet you never see any results. You have no doubt asked yourself questions, such as: Why is this so hard? What am I missing? Why have I been unsuccessful? Why can’t I tap into this power? Why can’t I ignite my creative self?

In just 30 days you CAN learn how to tap into your higher guidance and to source your soul’s wisdom, you CAN manifest new found wealth and great business and career opportunities, and you CAN begin to understand and align with your true purpose!

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academycrop1Awakened Living Academy & Training

Like many extraordinarily connected women, you may have felt that your spiritual path is meant to be a difficult and arduous one, and perhaps one that should be walked alone?

You know that deep within you is an amazing power, a beautifully serene yet potent energy waiting to come forward and elevate you to greater heights; mentally, spiritually and physically, although you still feel lost and unable to harness that power. 

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 vector-flowers-floral-557202Vibrational Healing and Meditation of the Week
This 30 minute guided meditation and vibrational healing will assist you to align your sacred physical vessel of self with your divine essence and the highest expression of your physical self for you at this time on your journey.
Embedded within this meditation are Infinite Vibrational Codes of Light that will flow within your energy throughout the meditation as you affirm and open up to the space and move deeper. Within this meditation you will be guided into a sacred circle where the Ancient Earth Ancestors will be waiting to work with you in this creative process of energy and vibration alignment for you.

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