Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success

Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success
Amplified Wealth, Success and Happiness through Higher Frequency Guidance

Do you want to feel alive?
Do you want to feel happy and excited by life?
Do you want to feel empowered and in control of your own destiny?
Do you want to be successful, with an infinite source of abundance at your disposal?

Deep within you is an exceptional and infinite source of energy, knowledge and potential just waiting for you to tap into!

This amazing resource is YOUR key to creating new and exciting opportunities, wealth, health, happiness, success and abundance.

The question is why are you not accessing it right here, right now?

You may have practiced manifesting, using the the Law of Attraction or The Secret, and you may have studied many resources and teachings on manifesting, yet you never see any results. You have no doubt asked yourself questions, such as: Why is this so hard? What am I missing? Why have I been unsuccessful? Why can’t I tap into this power? Why can’t I ignite my creative self?

If you already have your hearts desires then that is fantastic, well done you!

But if not, read on!

In just 30 days you CAN learn how to tap into your higher guidance and to source your soul’s wisdom, you CAN manifest new found wealth and great business and career opportunities, and you CAN begin to understand and align with your true purpose.

However, the Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success is not for everyone!

To secure your place on this program you will want to learn how to change and enhance your life for the better, you will have the desire to release outmoded beliefs and misconceptions on the ways you can achieve your heart-centred desires, and you will want to manifest positive changes – for the highest good of yourself and those around you!

To find out if this 30 day Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success Program is for you, firstly you will need to ask yourself a few searching questions:

  • Do you worry about your finances and not having enough money?
  • Do you find it a struggle to create new and exciting ideas?
  • Do you feel as if you are always pushing against the tide?
  • Do you force the flow of your business, career and life, rather than letting it flow with ease and simplicity?
  • Do you feel that your inner guidance is fuelled by fear, negative thought patterns, old beliefs and lack?
  • Do you feel as if no one understands you and your desire to create a spiritual, yet thriving, business?
  • Are you working far too hard for very little reward and money?
  • Do you struggle to hear and listen to your own inner guidance, messages from guides and the universe?
  • Are you bored with fluffy ‘woo woo’ ways of connecting with your guides, higher self and soul purpose, and feel a connection to systems based around creating wealth, success and happiness?

If you have answered yes to many of these questions, then this IS the program for you!

The 30-Day Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success Program will kickstart YOUR abundance, in all aspects of your life.

My 30-day program is designed specifically for your busy lifestyle and fits beautifully into your normal, day to day life. Whether you are a creative soul, artist, teacher, coach, healer, channeler, business owner or sole practitioner, you will find this program easy to follow, with a schedule to suit you.

I will assist you through each stage, so that it makes perfect sense, and you will really feel the development and change within yourself – right from day one.

I will be guiding, coaching and mentoring you every step of the way throughout the program – it’s personal and it works!

Take back your inner power and start your new exciting journey right here!

By the end of this 30-Day Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success Program you will:

  • Learn effective channeling techniques, to make effective decisions in your life and business.
  • Learn how to tap into the power of you, for manifesting money and wealth.
  • Create inspiring and achievable goals and planning.
  • Learn how to stay centred and aligned with your goals.
  • Learn how to prevent burnout, feelings of being overwhelmed, failure and being stuck in your lower energy self.
  • Connect with your higher self, for clear concise wisdom, positivity and creative advice.
  • Connect and channel with your Wealth Guide, to draw abundance to you rather than you chasing it.
  • Connect with and channel your Money Mastermind Group*, for massive conscious shifts and help in creating the life and business that you want.

*Connecting with my Money Mastermind Group really has changed my life! In the first month it allowed my business to grow from £100 a month to over £1000. I now own a hugely successful and thriving business all thanks to this technique – which I will teach you.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or whether you are already channelling, working with your guides and/or using manifesting techniques, as this program offers you what you need at this exact moment in your life. You will be fully supported throughout the whole process and a private Masterminding Facebook Group will be at your disposal to ask any questions and to share your experiences and insights. The power of the group energy will help you to go deeper, connect with greater ease, and physically see and feel the results that you are looking for.

At the end of every week there will be a live, interactive support call. During which you will be able to ask me questions. I will also be able to offer you a live meditation and healing, to release any resistance from within your energy field, which will assist you to move forward.

The Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success program is rich in valuable content and will be held in small, exclusive groups. Therefore, only 9 course delegates will be accepted, so we can uniquely connect, and I can serve you at a higher 1-2-1 level.

Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success
Program Content

Week 1

  • You will connect with your own inner guidance, learn to listen at a deeper level, connect to your soul energy, overcoming your mind chatter and outmoded beliefs.
  • You will learn how to use the power of questions, shifting from demotivating and destructive questions to empowering and action questions.
  • You will set out clear action taking goals – from a place of success and wealth, and not lack and fear.
  • We will create a visual mind map and plan to action steps to manifesting instant results into your life.
  • You will receive your exclusive meditation, allowing you to connect with your inner wealth wisdom and release beliefs and blocks.
  • At the end of the week we will have a Masterminding Live Call, where you can ask any questions, I will offer you a live meditation and healing to release any resistance from within your energy field to assist you raise your energy.

Week 2

  • In this week you will be connecting with your higher self. You will learn how to work with your energy, to gain clarity, live life ‘on purpose’ and deepen your self discovery.
  • You will also open up to the higher dimensions and frequencies of yourself; which will increase your vitality and supercharge your energy. You will learn how these higher dimensions and frequencies can be of greater service and value to you, your business clients or colleagues, your family and your friends.
  • You will receive an exclusive meditation, to connect with your higher self and strengthen your connection.
  • You will learn to change your awareness and perspective, to one of deep inner joy and fun, for your spiritual and financial growth in your everyday life and work. When you are in this space and energy, money and opportunities flow to you effortlessly, dispelling the feeling that everything you do feels like hard work.
  • At the end of the week we will have a Masterminding Live Call for you to ask any questions, I will offer you a live meditation and healing session, to release any resistance that may be in your energy field, working to continue to raise your energy and vibration.

Week 3

  • You will be guided on a journey to connect with your own Personal Wealth Guide. Your Personal Wealth Guide will assist you to stay within your heart space, when tuning into your creativity. This will help you to align with your centre of value and service and you will gain more awareness of how your work can become meaningful, for you and the world around you.
  • Your Personal Wealth guide will show you there is no limit to the growth and expansion that is possible within you. This will help you to step into your radiance and attract the right clients/career and like minded people to you.
  • You will receive your own guided meditation to connect with your Personal Wealth Guide. You can use the meditation again and again, in order to deepen your connection, understanding and creativity, allowing you to bypass any limiting beliefs and self sabotage.
  • At the end of the week we will have a Masterminding Live Call for you to ask any questions, I will offer you a live meditation and healing, to release any resistance from within your energy field and assist your continued energy and vibration enhancement.

Week 4

  • In the final week we will really step it up. You will connect to your own unique and totally individual Money Mastermind Group* for massive conscious shifts and physically creating the life and business you want and truly deserve.
  • Your Money Masterminding Group is made up of higher vibrationally powerful and successful businessmen and women, and you choose who comes and sits at your universal boardroom table. You can ask them individually or as a team to contribute in various ways and every resource is made available to you from the universe within this space. This group will work with you to empower and assist you with your life’s highest work and spiritual growth.
  • The Masterminding Group will assist you to see insights from a new perspective, and create a life that works for you, and flows through you, rather than to you and outside of you. The new creative ideas that you receive in your revelations will manifest new and exciting inspiration, assisting you to grow and take positive action.
  • They will encourage you to expand your potential and creativity and you will think and act in new dynamic ways than you could ever imagine. This will expand your business or career to a whole new level and you will live a better, richer life, accomplishing your goals and dreams with your increased abundance and freedom.
  • At the end of this week we will have our final Masterminding Live Call for you to ask any questions. I will teach you a powerful exercise and live meditation, to supercharge your goals and energy field with the vibration of success and wealth.

*“Since I began working with my own Money Masterminding Group, I am creating time, on a daily basis, to channel my inner wisdom and guides. This has changed my life dramatically! I have written and published two successful books, I am a magazine columnist, I have a full and rewarding client base and business coaching practice, I also run successful programmes, and consistently sell out my online groups and workshops. But more importantly, I have more free time to do what I want; more time to spend with my family, increased happiness, and more wealth to create the change I want to see in the world.” ~ Chiara

So, are YOU ready to jump in and grab your place for this richly powerful life changing 30 day program?

With the 30-Day Accessing Your Infinite Keys to Success Program, you really can begin walking your path to success.

There are only 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 places left available, so don’t miss out and don’t hesitate!

If it feels right, and you can feel that sense of excitement in your stomach, then listen to this inner voice encouraging you to take this step now.

Stop living a life filled with stress and start living a life fuelled with success!

Start Date 16th September 2013


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