It is lovely to meet you, my name is Chiara and I live in Reading in the UK. I am a mummyIMG_1188 to two amazing little boys who are 4 and 8. 
They are my inspiration and drive to create a thriving business that is stress free, financially rich many ways and all the free time I want to spend with them as they grow up.

After I had my first son I decided that I wanted to start a business that I could run at home while he was there and work the hours that I wanted around him and our time together. This was the idea anyway!

It didn’t start out this way I can tell you, I ended up working longer hours, trying to juggle and multi task him, the business and I failed over and over. I was very lucky to have an amazing husband who has been able to support me through these not so abundant times and see my vision and joy that I get from doing what I love. 

I have tried online sales, mini shops, making things to sell, running a stall, working at fairs, ebay, eshops, selling in shops and it all just kept coming back to the fact that I was working way to hard to make way to little. This was not what it was about and I can tell you that I have learnt from burn out they way not to do it!


It wasn’t until I had my second son that I really realised that I had to find they ways that worked for me and my business and my family as well as my own sanity that I could see quickly slipping away. 

I wanted to be able to serve more people, assist more people to thrive and grow and I know this meant I had to get really connected with who and what I was and what my business core values were. 

I had to get really creative in my time management and laser focused in my work time and this is when I really started to thrive and create a healthy, wealthy business that served me and I was no longer a slave too. 

I knew that I had to be me, I had to be authentic in every part of my business as I am in my life. I couldn’t be this person who showed up and pretended that I didn’t have kids and didn’t have off days where we staying in or pajamas and watch movies.

I knew that in order to attract the right clients and people into my business, the ones that I truly could connect with and inspire I had to start getting real and fully show up.

IMG_0816Having trained as an alternative therapist and seeing 100’s of 1-2-1 clients I wanted to go bigger, I wanted to be able to assist more people change their lives and have the confidence, happiness and money that they wanted so I moved away from a full diary of clients and started running group workshops, talks and teaching people how they can thrive and empower themselves. This was awesome I can tell you and something that scares the c**p out of me but is so rewarding standing up in front of a crowd of 100 people!

I become a coach and started focusing on assisting conscious woman who owed small businesses and mums – because the two areas that I have masses of experience and knowledge in, is being a working mum with a little one running around and I am passionate woman who works from her heart.

If you have worked with me in any of my methods you will know that for me laughter is one of the most important element to what I do. I can’t stand people taking things to seriously, that’s not what life is for. You can still make big money and make a huge impact on others while having loads of fun doing it. 

I have no doubt that my boys will pop up in the video’s, they are an integral part of my life and working day and I love sharing their energy through what I do.

I ask with all my heart that you gain so much from working with me, reading my blogs,550298_10151333711550216_97566459_n being part of the Successful Business Mums Club or even my sister business Awakened Living Academy & Training.

Enjoy being part of this space and my joy and laughter along the way.